Tyra Family Office

Your family values

Values are essential for holding things together and giving meaning to life. We discuss, deliberate and decide what is important, and once we have made up our mind, we stick to it to determine the future course of action and lay down the roadmap to clients’ succes. This philosophy helps us focus on what matters and and determines how we want to live and what we treasure most in life.

Family Culture

The culture you have grown up in may have had a considerable influence on you. Your convictions and your principles are shaped by the family, people, life experiences and your education. You have transformed into the person you are now based on your belief system and have taken on certain responsibilities to propel life. All members of your family have their own talents and value-based priorities. It is essential to respect the discrepencies and further nurture/strengthen each family member’s talent and to develop commonalities. Such shared values underpinns your family foundation, which may carry on for generations.

Financial Wealth

Whether you are a pioneer of your family business, a successor, or an experienced professional investor, managing your liquid assets and finances with the same acumen as running an enterprise is paramount to preserve and grow wealth. You have reached where you are based on your belief system and diligently discharging your roles and responsibilities. However, to ensure that your legacy and values remain intact and are passed on from generation to generation, it is essential that you understand and appreciate the differences and unique talent of your family members and invest in nurturing and further strengthening them and developing commonalities.


Once you have set down your family values and have a clear mission, you commit to a shared vision. This allows your trusted advisor provide efficient and effective support in achieving your goals. Once you delegate and hand over this responsibility, you set yourself free and will have more time to focus on your preferred areas of interest and the fields in which you excel.

Everything You Need

Our extensive network comprises a myriad of service providers all over the world within various domains such as fiduciary management, legal support, custodianship, taxation, real estate, accounting, private equity, and asset management. We continue to broaden our network through consistent expansion efforts.


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