Tyra Family Office

Family Needs

High Net worth Individuals and families are likely to have complex asset structures, multiple bank accounts and numerous service providers. Through our experience, we can safely say that this structure is sometimes difficult to keep track of and coordinate among the various stakeholders. You need somebody by your side handling the day-to-day management, taking the administrative burden off you and helping you and your family achieve your wider objectives. Tyra office offers interdisciplinary services far beyond traditional asset management.


In order to make informed and pragmatic decisions you need a condensed, unbiased and customised overview of your liquid and illiquid assets. We prepare and provide such reports on a regular basis and make sure they are accessible at all times.


You need a comprehensive overview of your financial wealth
Consolidation of assets include both traditional asset categories such as bonds, equities, hedge funds, cash and the non traditional assets including private equity, insurance, real estate, loans and direct investments.
Our web based client portal gives you a comprehensive overview of all the assets across categories along with their performance so that you can have access to this information at any time in a secure envrionment to make critical decisions.

Risk Analysis

You need to know and be aware of your family’s main risks
You expect an unbiased opinion regarding portfolio management and the ability of your assets to withstand heavy market corrections or a contracting economy. This is not about buying the products that appear most compelling, but rebalancing your portfolio based on current scenario. Does your individual investment makes sense and does it help diversify your risk to the greatest possible extent?

Negotiation of fees

You want to pay optimized fees?
Everyone wants to partner with an office that avoids double layer of fee and allows them to take advantage of an effciient fee schedule from varied product and service providers. At Tyra office, we proactively monitor fee to make sure they comply with the agreed fee schedule and that your family is getting the best value for money possible.


At Tyra Office, we understand your needs and objectives, risk appetite, long and short term goals and return expectations. Accordingly, we lay down an investment strategy that can be consistently implemented to avoid any emotional decisions.

Asset & Risk Management

You need a professional and experienced team to implement your investment strategy and monitor its execution

Your individual investment strategy is carefully carved out with the consent of the beneficiaries. Although this process takes time and efforts, it will help you and Tyra Office to stay true to the course defined, even in difficult times. Diversification is the key to risk mitigation.

Investment committee

You want to work in harmony with your family members and may wish to delegate responsibilities on the basis of the best fit down the line
Your cohesive investment strategy, financial goals and risk appetite is generally laid down based on your family’s decision. The more involved the family members are during the strategising phase, the more related they feel. Tyra Family Office conducts and convenes such meetings in a timely fashion to keep everyone on the same page.

Tax Reporting

You need tax reporting for governance and compliance
You can leave the tax responsibility and documentation with Tyra Family Office and we will liaise with the concerned financial advisors and custodian banks on your behalf so that you have one less thing to worry about and yet stay updated on your corporate and government compliance requirements.

Outsourced CIO

Your investment and Us
The outsourced CIO model has gained traction in response to the profound changes that have happened in the investment world over a decade which has resulted in the investment process being far more complicated and time and resource consuming than ever before.
Private investors and instituitions are resorting to outsourcing their CIO functions in a bid to:

• Ensure timely decision making
• Concentrate on what do the best
• Be effective in their dealings with the regulatory reuirements
• Optimize and diversify their investment portfolio
• Better utilize their existent resources

For more information or any general queries please contact us at: info@tyrafamilyoffice.com

Private Equity Advisor

You may want to focus on wealth creation in the long run
Private equity and the simlar long term investments can help diversify your portfolio and enhance the return potential. As your trusted partner, we develop customized investment strategies. At the core of our offering is a focus on fund investments that can be enhanced with direct co-investments based on your risk tolerance. We provide assistance with the subscription process, advice on maximizing your voting rights, thorough investment monitoring and reporting, and the management of capital calls.


Every family has unique needs and objectives, based on which they intend to pursue certain projects.
You can engage our services on recurrenr basis or on-demand. We assign a dedicated project manager to each project who works specifically to your needs and reports directly to you and your family.

Single Family Office set up

Whether you are planning to set up a single family office or a multi family office, Tyra Family Office can help you evaluate the scenario to your unique requirements.