About Us

Tyra Family Office is a Multi Family Office that helps high net worth individuals and families sustain, grow and distribute wealth over generations.
Headquartered in Zurich, Tyra Family Office is an independent, partner-owned Multi Family Office. Through our seasoned team of professionals having years of experience in financial planning and management, and our global network of dedicated business partners, we are able to provide top notch, timely and discreet services to our clients. We have learned from our clients that while many people listen, few people understand and only a handful are able to execute and implement solutions and take appropriate action. We are committed to going an extra mile and making things happen for the families who trust us with their assets and for our unbiased advisory services.


Our goal is to establish ourselves among the top Multi Family Offices in Switzerland, offering viable and sustainable solutions for affluent families with customized financial needs. We are committed to maintaining our independence and delivering tailored, unbiased solutions that enhance the value of enterprising family businesses.



Our financial services go beyond conventional asset management as we provide a comprehensive and integrated approach. With our expertise, we are dedicated to ensuring the long-term growth and prosperity of families both on a national and global level.
We conduct our services with the utmost discretion and transparency, ensuring our clients’ complete trust and confidence. At Tyra Family Office, our clients find a secure haven for their financial needs. Our mission is to guarantee a seamless transition of wealth and values from one generation to the next, fostering long-lasting prosperity for families.


Our actions are guided by our values, which underpin our unwavering commitment to serving the best interests of families every day.

Independence is the key to balanced advice

Transparency is essential to ensure that the right decisions are made

Dynamic teamwork delivers sustainable solutions

Performance creates value


In line to the entrepreneurial legacy of its creators, MFO is currently primarily owned by its employees. As financial propellers, we firmly believe that philanthropy is an integral part of responsible stewardship. Therefore, a portion of our annual revenues is dedicated to supporting philanthropic causes. Aligned with our professional goals, we endorse sustainable economic growth fueled by entrepreneurial drive. Our contributions fund projects that facilitate the creation, development and management of sustainable businesses, especially in arduous situations.